Beausoleil Red Wine Syrah

Beausoleil Red Wine Syrah

You can pair Beausoleil Red Wine Syrah with

Hard Cheese

Veal Escalope Panee

Beef Escalope Panee

Barbecued Meat

Beausoleil (Red) Syrah Bottle 750ml


Beausoleil d’Egypte
Style: Full bodied red wine
Single Grape: Syrah
Tasting Notes: Purple red and violet color, characterized with its rich red fruits
aromas and velvety –round on the palate. The silky tannins and
the fresh acidity mark an extremely well-balanced wine
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Best served at: 14°C -16°C
Volume: 750 ml bottle
Food Pairing: highly spiced dishes, full bodied dishes of beef, lamb, smoked meats; Mediterranean, French and American cuisines, smokey and herb cheeses like Smoked Cheddar or Gouda, hazelnuts, walnuts.

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